Different Committee of India

भारत (India) में गठित विभिन्न समितियां

2011 तक भारत (India) में गठित विभिन्न समितियों और उनके द्वारा की गई सिफारिशों के क्षेत्रों का विवरण।

Different Committee of India till 2011

Name of Committee in IndiaArea of Recommendation
State CommitteeFarms
Bhagwati Committee                  Unemployment
Wanchu Committee                    Direct tax
L. K. Jha Committee                   Indirect tax
Swaminathan Committee          Population Strategies
Bhutlingam Commitee               Labour income & cost
Dentewala Committee                Assumption of unemployment
Veddnathan Committee             Water Irrigation 
Hazari Committee                        Industrial strategies
Dutt Committee                          Industrial Licencing
Mahanobis Committee              National Income
King Chalaya Committee         Tax Reforms
Bhanu Pratap Committee         Farming
Chalaya Committee                   Eradicating Black Money
G.V. Ramkrishna Committee   Investment of Public Sector shares
Naresh Chand Committee         Corporate governance
Jyoti Bashu Committee               Report on end of Octroy
Khushro Committee                    Agriculture friendly Reforms
Goiporia Committee                    Customer Service Reforms 
Narsimham Committee             Banking reforms
Rekhi Committee                         Indirect tax
Goswami Committee (1993)      Industrial Deficiency
Tiwari Committee (1984)           Industrial Deficiency
Dr. Mehta CommitteeRethinking on the progress of IRDP
Rangrajan Committee (1991)    Balance Payment
Vaghul Committee                       Mutual fund scheme
Nadhkarni Committee                 Public Sector
Malhotra Committee                     Reforms in Insurance Sector
Sen Gupta Committee                  Literate unemployment
Dr. Vijay Kelkar Committee        Natural gas cost
B.N. Yagandhar Committee (1995)  National social help scheme
Namdujhapa Committee             Railway fare
Bhandari Committee                   Redevelopment of Local rural Ranks
Sundar Rajan Committee             Reforms in Mineral sector
D.K. Gupta Committee        Redevelopment of telephonic sector
M.G. Joshi Committee (1994)     Instruction regarding privatization of telecommunication
Rakesh Mohan Committee (1995)    Financing of Basic structure
Gyan Prakash Committee           Sugar Scam
Malegaon Committee                  Primary Capital Market
Sodhani Committe                       Foreign currency Market
K.N. Kabra Committee                 Future trading
U.K. Sharma Committee (1988)  Working of local rural Banks under NABARD
Ajit Kumar CommitteeFlows in salaries of armed forces
C.B. Bhavya CommitteePresentation of Information by companies
Deve CommitteeeRequest of pension for unorganized sector
Chakarvarti Committee-2Reforms in Banking Sector
O.P. Sodhani specialist Committee (1995)Development of foreign investment market
S.S. Tarapore Committee (1997)          Changing aspects of saving account
P.C. Alexzender Committee (1978)           Simplifying Export Import Strategies
Mahajan Committee (March 1997)            Sugar Industry
R.V. Gupta Committe (December 1997)     Agriculture friendly reforms
Tarapore Committee (July 2001)               Investigation of share transaction of UTI
Machelkar Committee (January 2002)      Auto fuel strategy
Machelkar Committee (Report in 2003)     Production of Fake Medicine
S.N. Khan Committee (1998)                         Friendship of working of financial institutions & Banks
N.S. Verma Committee (1999)           Resettlement of commercial banks
Parth Sarthi Som Committee                  Investigation of Tax Schemes
N.K. Singh Committee                           Investigation of income tax rebate
Bhurelal Committee                               Increase in vehicle loans
Suptrishi Committee (July 2002)           Development of National tea Industry
Abhijeet Sen Committee (July 2002)     Long term food scheme
N.R. Naryan Murti Committee (2003)   Corporate governance
N.K. Singh Committee                            Progress in electrical sector
Kelkar Committee – 2                               Direct & Indirect taxation
Committee 3 Vijay Kelkar (2004)           Three monthly investigation of economy according to physical responsible & Budget Management act
Lahri Committee (2005) Regarding prices of Edible oil
Rajinder Sacchar Committee – 1 Companies and MRPT act
Sacchar Committtee – 2 (2005)               Minorities
Nayar Committee (2006)                      Foreign investment in petroleum sector
Rangrajan Committee – 2 (2006)            Tax structure for petroleum products
Rangrajan Committee – 3                            Development in Private sector
Sungulu Committee (2006)               Re-establishment of Victims of sardar Sarover Bandh scheme
Pathak Committee (2006)For investigation of UNO food in exchange of oil program
Mistri committee (2007)                        Progress in financial movement
Deepak Parik Committee (2007) Progress in financial matters of Basic structures
Tendulkar Committee (2008)               Investigation of the line below the poverty line
B.K. Chutarvedi Committee (2008)        Investigation of oil financial condition of oil companies
Kelkar Committee                                         First committee on Backward Caste
Mandal Committee                                       Reservation for Backward caste
Kothri Committee                                       Educational Reforms
Aabid Hussain Committee                          Small Scale Industry
Rakesh Mohan Committee                           Committee on financial sector assessment
C. Rang Rajan Committee                       Investigation of savings & investment
Abhijeet Sen Committee           Future trading on prices of whole sale & Retail prices of agricultural products
Subbarao Committee (July 2009)Technical advices on monetary schemes
Dr. Kirti S. Parik Committee (Aug 2009)   On Petroleum Product Prices
Dr. C. Rang Rajan Committee (April 2010)   Management of Public Expenses
M.C. Joshi Committee (May 2011)Factors related to black
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